Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Acne and You - Reviews dot Com wants to Help

If you are like me  - you've bought many nutritional or beauty products due to a flash ad or hype or just on a whim, only to throw them out as it was either ineffective or aggravated acne, dry skin, or whatever skin issue you have. So you decide to do more homework next time which means valuable time from your day lost in Google.  I don't know about you but I have better things to do with what little free time I have.  Look, I'm an author which means book signings and interviews and tours and I have a full-time job as a federal agent (like on TV but without all the private jets and cleavage).  Plus I have two grandkids, an elderly dad, AND a millennial husband (which means time spent explaining to him things like "what the rabbit done died" meant in that 70's Aerosmith song).

So I want information that helps me make a good purchase in an easy to use format

There's a great website called  http://www.reviews.com/ that takes some of the guest work out of that as their team of experts are your unofficial "research partner" guiding you to the best products for your buck.

Everything they review they've tried themselves like I do with products I feature on my blog. They don't have fancy testing facilities but they do get their hands on the products, sometimes hundreds of them before making a determination of quality.  If that means brewing 500 cups of copy they are willing.

It saves ME having to brew 500 cups of coffee. (I have red hair - you do NOT want to see me with that much caffeine in my system).

For example  - let's say you have adult acne.  I don't but I DO use some salicylic acid products to help exfoliate.  Trust me, I threw away several before finding a Paula's Choice one I liked that didn't burn my very sensitive skin ("ow ow ow  - I think this has SADISTIC acid in it, not salicylic!")

What's worse than acne is those of you who are (ahem) older that don't want to turn your face into a desert in the treatment of it.

Research dot com did a great page of research on what the best products are for acne. You can see it

Wasn't that easy? So whether you are looking for acne treatment, sunscreen, whey protein powder or other health and beauty products check out their review dot com's website first.  It will save you a lot of time AND money. (You know so you can go meet your favorite author at a book signing :-)

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