Thursday, August 3, 2017

Udi's Gluten Free Penne & Cheese - A Review

In trying to reduce the amount of gluten in my diet (not Celiac but sensitive), I've tried some OK products and some really awful products.

Today I wanted to share one that is going to be a favorite.  I found this at a local "non-chain" health food store with a good frozen food selection.  At $6.99 it was not cheap but still cheaper than eating my work lunch out at a restaurant.

UDI's overall has a great line of gluten free items (their bagels are awesome) but being a mac and cheese lover, I wasn't sure how good this would be. I looked at some other reviews and they complained about the noodles being too soggy or too dry but their cooking instructions were different than what's on the box now.

First a check of the ingredients.  OK, it has eggs and dairy, but NO SOY and NO WHEAT.  Yay.

I think next time I'd give it an extra 15 seconds in the microwave as there were a couple bit of cheese sauce that hadn't melted fully but overall the package instructions resulted in a nicely textured pasta.

The pasta:  tasted like gluten filled pasta and although the noodles weren't exactly "al dente" they weren't overly soft either.

Cheese sauce - it was very tasty and cheesy, with no chemical aftertaste and LOTS of sauce.  It had enough sauce next time I will throw in a 1/2 to 3/4 cup steamed veggies to it for a more filling meal.

Serving Size - for a meal, it serves one nicely, but if you add some veggies, this would make a nice side dish for two people

Nutrition: It's over 450 calories and fairly high in fat (26 grams!) and sodium (450 mg) but for an occasional treat "bachelor" meal with 14 grams of protein when my husband is on the road, I will so be buying this again.


  1. Oh, that looks delicious! Pasta & Cheese is always a hit!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. Yes! A friend passed on a gluten free french baguette recipe. Got french bread pans from William Sonoma and SO going to try and make next weekend.


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